Hey! It’s your favorite Atlanta birth photographer, maybe? You got plenty good to choose from, I know, I know.

Baby Reia. 8.7.19

I am so grateful I can share some birth photos from my latest client, it was just like every single birth I have had the privilege to witness, magical!

Sweet baby Reia was born at home, straight in to the arms of her mother, and immediately greeted by her father. Their cats were carefully watching everything and were as calm as only animals (and maybe a home birth midwife and doula) can be, when someone is giving birth. I am always in awe watching a mother in transition, seeing her partner work hard to provide her with comfort, and to witness midwifes and doulas work their magic (and sometimes that is just holding space for mama). Reia entered a world of love, the first thing she saw was her mother, then her father. Then a smiling doula and overjoyed midwifes. She was held, skin to skin, by her parents, who were so calm while getting to know their daughter. The new love of their life.

I have loved to getting to know this  family and I cannot wait to see them grow. I am going back for newborn photos later this week and I am crossing my fingers I will get to share another cup of tea with Haley and talk more about motherhood.

Thank you, Haley and Michael, for trusting me with such a special moment.

Mother laying in birthing pool while having a contraction.
A mother using a birth pool in labor

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The midwife here was Missi Burgess at HomeGrownBirth and the doula was Margret Byrne at Emerge Birth  Services.

Tip: If you are interested in learning more about home births I loved this podcast episode from Girls Gone WOD.

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I loved your observations of the peaceful & welcoming entrance the sweet girl had Earthside. Your photos are gorgeous! 💗