About me

I am a mother of sons, a feminist, a world traveler.
I am a collector of good friends (you might be next!)
I am constantly seeking light and roots.
I believe in compassion, connection and mother nature.

My love language is food.

Born and raised in The Kingdom of Sweden, now a citizen of the US of A. As in much in my life, I ended up here by accident… I had lived and worked in China for over two years and wanted a new adventure. Australia would be a good fit for a cold Swede, but I accidentally ended up in Macon GA. I meet a boy, we tackled culture differences, distance, visas, immigration, and finally said ours “I do”. Soon there after we moved to Colorado and we finished our degrees. I birthed two wildlings and we have not slept a full night in over 4 years. Do you want to know more? Read an interview with me at Voyage ATL.

As an emotional storyteller I am a photographer who wants to catch the connection within your family or with your partner. I don’t care about props, I don’t care about cheesey smiles. I don’t want you to look at me. Instead I want you to look in the eyes of  the love of your life, I want you to smell your babys neck, or hold your grandmothers hand. I want you to see your children’s sparkle in their eyes when you tickle them, or the peace when they rest their head in your lap.

I want to capture your connections and your memories.

Feels like this is something that you want to do? Let’s talk!