About Linnea Geiger

Feminist Swede Living in America. Loves Capturing Love.

I call myself an emotional storyteller instead of a photographer. The one capturing those real moments of connection, love, joy, and sweetness between you and the people you love most.

I don’t care about props, poses, or cheesy smiles. I don’t even want you to look at me. I want you to simply BE with your family, your partner, your child and soak up that moment.

Be present with each other. Gaze into each other’s eyes, remember why you love them so much. Hold hands. Smell your baby’s skin. Steal a kiss.

That’s the good stuff. The pure emotion. The truth of your relationship. And it’s what I live to capture with the click of a button.

If you’re looking for this. The real, raw, and imperfect moments of your life, your love, your people in pictures, I’m your photographer. Here to catch those true moments of connection in an instant.

My work has been featured in TODAYHuffington PostELLEVANITY FAIRPopsugarHuffpostDaily Mail,  The Motherboard BirthLOOKSLIKEFILMBirth Becomes HerKiiNDVi Föräldrar, Mamamia,Kidspot, AftenpostenAftenbladetThe AsianparentVAUBabyverdenBabyologyNenand Superfeel. And I received recognition and awards from Winner in Category “Out of Hospital” of Birth Becomes Her . Winner of Superfeel FAMILY CHOICE AWARD. Winner of Superfeel PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD. Winner of 9th Season of Outstanding Maternity Awards

To learn more about me and my journey, check out an interview with me at Voyage ATL.

                        My Truth & Imperfections

I am a mother of sons, a feminist, a world traveler.
I am a collector of good friends (you might be next!)
I am constantly seeking light and roots.
I believe in compassion, connection and mother nature.
I haven’t slept a full night in 4 years (thank you, wildlings).